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Ready. Steady. Go.

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Changes, updates, rebrand, news…

Just over 3 years ago, I stepped down as Vice-President and General Manager of CARAS/The JUNO Awards to develop some new ideas and projects and start a new company. I recently stepped away from The JUNO Awards completely.

It’s been an honour and a privilege to promote and celebrate Canadian artists over the past 14 years with The JUNO Awards. I’m exceptionally fortunate to have had so many incredible experiences and opportunities….

I’d like to thank CARAS President & CEO Allan Reid (as well as COO, Jackie Dean) for allowing me to step away in stages. I’m grateful for the opportunity provided to me.

Many thanks as well, to former Prez, Melanie Hurley (Berry) and the CARAS Board of Directors - past and present.

I’d also like to thank the CARAS team! It’s empowering to know what an incredible team we’ve been - and for so long. Working on an all-encompassing annual event forges unique bonds and we have that and always will. Sending my love and appreciation to each of you.

Special thanks also going out to my long time event partners; Messrs Jim Cuddy, Simon Garner, Johnny Gardhouse and Zane Van Hoek for all the support on JUNO Cup, JUNO Songwriters’ Circle and JUNO Fan Fare respectively. We’ve had a lot of fun and created many unique experiences and memories for both artists and fans.

To the many JUNOfest Producers - you’re a unique breed and you’re all amazing.

To the hundreds and hundreds of artists and bands that have participated in so many different JUNO events over the years - thank you so much for your time, your talent and your trust. Artists make the world go ‘round - and I’m appreciative that so many of you participated in so much. Thanks to you, through a variety of events/concerts/shows, we’ve netted more than $1.5 Million for MusiCounts! Typing a thank you seems small - but my appreciation is enormous! Please keep supporting this incredibly impactful charity!

I’ll miss the annual climb up Mt. JUNO, but I’m proud of all we accomplished over the many years. I’m also excited to see the current team bring their fresh perspectives and ideas to all of the CARAS events.

Please allow me to also take this opportunity to share with you, the new and exciting projects Steady Go has been working on and developing recently.


Steady. Go!

This company was born from the desire and passion to do many things in music …and we’ve been very busy doing just that ...and having the best time.


Congratulations go out to our first management client, Songwriter/Producer Joel Stouffer (Dragonette), who scored his first Gold Record as a songwriter, for Ria Mae’s ‘Bend’ (with Ria and Serena Ryder). Actually, since we took that photo, it’s Platinum now, boom!

Joel now has a co-publishing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and his recent writing credits include: Bulow, Cathy Dennis (Katy Perry/Britney Spears), Geoff Warburton (Shawn Mendes), Jenson Vaughan (Armin van Buuren, Madonna), Simon Wilcox (Nick Jonas, Camila Cabello, Demi Lovato), and many, many more.

The doors at Steady Go Management are wide open for business and there’ll be so much more to come from this side of the company.

We’re also working with some top-tier clients on a variety of other exciting projects:

SiriusXM’s Top of the Country in partnership with the CCMA’s

Working alongside Mr. Leake and Ms. Schwartz, we consult and manage a variety of elements for this Country music development program, in partnership with the CCMA’s. Just a few weeks ago at the CCMA’s, Andrew Hyatt was awarded $25,000 as the 2018 winner. The 2019 program will get started early in the new year.

Sawdust City Music Festival

I’m thrilled to take on the role of Executive Director for the (not-so-little) roots music festival ‘that could’. Year 2 was a phenomenal success and it’s awesome to be working alongside Founder and Artistic Director, Ms. Miranda Mulholland and her team. Mark your calendars for the 2019 August long weekend in Gravenhurst, ON.

SOCAN Awards

We co-Produce the SOCAN Awards with our incredible partners at e=mc2 (Jocelyn Flanagan, Laura Eaton, Trevor Howes and awesome others). We've raised the bar over the past few years and prep work has started for year 4 …We’re proud to be a part of this annual show, honouring Canadian songwriters! Thank you SOCAN!

CBC Radio

As the Music Producer for CBC’s Sounds of the Season fundraiser, it’s a joy to be a part of a benefit that annually raises over $700,000 each year for GTA Food banks. Over 25 artists participate in this day-long, live radio broadcast from CBC Toronto HQ. Tune in to CBC Radio One, all day long on Friday, December 7.


Alumni clients/projects that we’re proud to have been a big part of:

Dine Alone Records 10th Anniversary - We brought a variety of fun, unique and amazing ideas to fruition - all from the creative mind of Mr. Joel Carriere. Be it Wax on Wheels, ABC’s of Dine Alone kids book, DA whiskey, beer, merch, limited edition vinyl and much, much more, it was a blast. Thanks, Dine Alone!

Ontario 150 tour. Working on behalf of the Feldman Agency, we produced 24 free concerts in 24 communities across Ontario, celebrating Ontario’s 150th. Our Lady Peace, July Talk, Kathleen Edwards, David Wilcox, Serena Ryder, Ralph, Jim Cuddy Band and many, many more artists participated...

There’s so much more to come as Steady Go moves forward, but please feel free to reach out and let us know what can we do for you.


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